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A Mastermind Is Like An Orchestra

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

It has been a little over a year ago that I started the Launch Collective Mastermind. Last month I was asked to speak at a local Chamber of Commerce luncheon and I chose to speak on what a mastermind is, why I love to Mastermind and why I feel every business owner needs to be a part of one. The title of my speech was; Don’t Mind Your Business… Mastermind it.

As entrepreneurs we are not made to do it ALL ourselves!! You are all Super Hero's… you have the ability to Crush it but trying to go it alone will cause you to spin out of control and end up in stress and overwhelm. Don't end up turning into the Incredible Hulk, losing all control and your sanity. The result will be a crushed dream and broken pieces of what once was a brilliant vision!

To really Crush it... to have a growing successful business that brings you the joy and the flexibility to have the life you desire, I have found a much better way! Stop MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS alone and join a mastermind!

About 75 years ago, Napoleon Hill coined the phrase in his book Think and Grow Rich.

(which by the way everyone should own a copy, study it and do what it says!) In his book Hill describes a Mastermind Group as: "two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems". Harmony is what happens! Brilliant Ideas, connections and collaborations unfold that propel the success of your business. The support you need as a business owner exists in a mastermind and the added bonus of growing friendships emerge.

I prayed about how I could best illustrate my own experience being a member of a mastermind. This is what came to me, this is what happens when the Launch Collective Mastermind members get together:

A Mastermind is like an Orchestra

An orchestra has many musicians

The musicians gather together down in the pit

Each musician brings his own instrument

The conductor passes out the sheet music

The musicians begin releasing the notes of the song

They tune their instruments

Now ready to release their sound

Eager to play their part

The conductor raises the baton

The first note is played as one

The musicians now an orchestra

The released sound begins to elevate

Rising from the pit

The song transforms

Flowing out to its audience

Now a symphony to be heard

Let me break this illustration down for you:

  • The Orchestra Represents= The Mastermind meeting

  • The Musicians= Are the entrepreneurs, the members

  • The Pit Represents= Our challenges, obstacles, inabilities, problems to solve. The pit is where we are willing to show up, roll up our sleeves and play together!

  • The Instruments represent= Each of our own innate gifts and talents, experiences, connections, wisdom, your zones of genius - you each have them!

  • The sheet music/the notes of the song= The ideas and solutions that each person brings out and shares with the group.

  • The Conductor= The leader of the group who encourages the ideas to flow together and allows each person's/instrument to be heard.

  • The symphony= The solutions that come out of the meeting, when we gather together and use the collective intelligence of the members.

When the Conductor waves the baton and all of the instruments play in one accord

the song transforms-Your business transforms! All the pieces of your business will come together much faster. A symphony will rise and reach the ears of your audience that is waiting to hear it! The audience is your customers, your clients that now you can serve from a much happier place.

Grab your instrument and get into the pit! I am grateful that I did!

Ciao, Laurean


We must realize our own talents and, having realized, accept them; and play on them like a symphony in which all other instruments are harmonized

to make a better universe.

~Jeane Dixon

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