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The 7 R's found in Rest!

Every busy entrepreneur needs to be intentional about taking time to rest. Studies now prove that downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation. Rest encourages productivity, creativity, and is essential to achieve our highest levels of performance. Additional studies have proved that our brains peak performance can only handle about 4 hours of work. Any activity beyond that is futile and you have now entered into what I refer to as "stinkin thinkin mode". It is best to be honest with yourself at this point; unplug and step away from your desk, you are checked out!

After months and months of planning the very first launch Collective EXPO in Pittsburgh at the end of April, I needed to give my brain time to wander and recover. A wandering mind unsticks us. Intentional times of rest allow us to process, to learn from the past and plan for our future. I decided that I was going to put away the work and spend the majority of the month of May at rest! It ended up being one of the most productive things I have done for myself and business in a very long time!

My time of rest took me through what I now refer to as "The 7 R's" -they are:

1. Recharge

2. Reassess

3. Realign

4. Remove

5. Re-calibrate

6. Refocus

7. Resume

During this time I was able to allow my body and mind to recharge, It felt awesome to not wake up to an alarm clock and to have no set agenda for my day. I spent my time relaxing and stepping outside of the day to day routines I usually follow.

As I allowed my mind to unwind and wander, I first, observed that I was naturally reassessing my life. Thinking about what I had just accomplished, what I was pleased with, what I would like to change and also a stream of new ideas began to flow as well.

I spent a lot of time in a comfy chair taking notes and jotting down my thoughts and ideas. A fresh perspective, clarity and direction emerged. A realignment of my goals and plans were laid out on the pages before me.

What came next was an observation of what activities that were no longer serving my business as well as life that needed to be removed or changed. I also noted activities that were still beneficial to me but now needed to be re-calibrated or dialed in a bit to produce the new outcome I now was aiming for.

I had a refocused plan now in place and was pumped up with the energy to resume my work. I challenge you to do the same! Be intentional schedule and take some time off and be sure to share what you uncovered during your time of rest as well in the comments!

~Ciao, Laurean

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