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When collective minds gather, the impossible becomes possible!


The Launch Collective exists to support the visions, dreams and hearts desires of those looking to start, expand and grow a business, It is a call of God on your life to impact your world through your business. We are here to help you develop as a business leader and to grow exceedingly abundantly above and beyond!


Together we rise as Wealth Creators™. The Launch Collective EXPO, Mastermind, Virtual Events, Consulting Services and the The Collective Facebook Community, connect believers globally to expand the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven! 


We wholeheartedly believe that everyone possesses God given strengths and abilities. When we gather together with the common goal to serve each other and share our gifts with the world, amazing things can happen. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! The Launch Collective is designed to help business owners navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence, resources and connections of each other. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER! 

"Nothing  in life  is  ever  successful without  the corporate  effort

of many gifted people who were willing to network 

and submit their talent,  experience and  passion for a common goal. 

I am always reminded that we are the sum total 

of  all the people  we have  known, met and  learned from." 

~Myles Monroe

Are YOU ready to Launch? Join us for the support, brainstorming & accountability!


"The idea for the Launch Collective Mastermind came to me while I was sitting at my desk frustrated over the news of hearing how my dear sister had been taken advantage of by someone she trusted as a business partner and investor. I also took inspiration from my own experiences as an entrepreneur who was crazy and brave enough to start several businesses without having any funding. I couldn't help thinking to myself: "There needs to be a safe place for people to receive support & encouragement to launch their ideas into the world." I also wanted to create a collaborative space where I could share my knowledge as a business owner and my gift of encouragement with others to help them step into their dreams.


Upon reflection and a lot of prayer, I discovered that through the years God had connected with many smart and intelligent people who had helped me along the way, so creating a safe, collaborative mastermind group seemed like the perfect platform for me to give back. In September of 2018 I hosted the first Launch Collective Mastermind meeting. It was awesome! On that day, I was filled with such joy and a passion to spend my days helping as many as I could create a business and life that they dreamed of.  I knew it was Gods desire that we all live this way and I understood my purpose, embraced my gifting and owned my identity as a Professional Encourager. As I was learning the foundation keys and Kingdom Mindset to transform my own life, I had to share them, It was time to help other entrepreneurs become  Wealth Creators™  as well!


I grabbed my poster board as the ideas poured in my mind. God had so much MORE than I had imagined  and with the help from my amazing gifted and talented friends on April 30, 2019 we hosted our very first Launch Collective EXPO and Live Launch Pad Pitch Competition in Pittsburgh. The local mastermind groups continues to grow and collectively launch business and new products and services into the marketplace. 


We have collaborated on workshops and in December of 2019 we launched THE COLLECTIVE, our online Facebook Community for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.  We now have a global reach and prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic felt the prompting of the Lord to begin planning our first Virtual EXPO.  We have expanded our Virtual offerings to include, Lunch and Learns, Networking Mixers, Online Marketplace, Pop Up Workshops and Challenges. We are excited to see what we will create together next! 


Truly, what good is a light if it is hidden from the darkness? The Launch Collective is the platform for us to step into together to help elevate each other to greatness. The visions and dreams planted by God spring forth as we collectively work together with the common goal to serve others in excellence and share our cookies!"  


      When collective minds gather, the impossible becomes possible!                                                                   ~ Laurean

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We are making an impact, Here is just one amazing Testimony: 


  I am so very grateful for Laurean Kile, the supportive, loving, encouraging, inspiring woman who is the Visionary behind The Launch Collective EXPO and Mastermind group. Laurean will teach you that God is not done with you yet, that you have special gifts and talents in you and that there is absolutely so much more for you to accomplish in this life. Laurean will also help you discover and cultivate that which is in you that can take you to the next level. 


 I am proof that you can dream again and pursue that which is in you, that which God gifted you to do. I can honestly say as I explored those gifting's, Laurean and the entire mastermind group were there to provide support and encouragement. When launching a new idea, it is so important to have a support system of Big Thinkers around you. I know deep down in my heart that if I had not been a member of this group, I would have become discouraged and lost my motivation or possibly quit before I started. 


 I now have a little over a year in my new business and will never quit this group. We are ready to go to the next level. There is no end to learning and growing. 


Thank you again, Laurean.



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Launch Collective EXPO, LLC gathers together like minded entrepreneurs and business leaders in the spirit of collaboration to grow as Wealth Creators™ for the Kingdom of God.  Together we have a greater impact to radically transform the marketplace, our families, our communities and the world.  Launch Collective EXPO, LLC creates a culture of encouragement by providing opportunities to gain visibility, connect with resources, experts and other professionals to support and launch your business beyond what you thought was possible.



Everything we have belongs to Jesus!

  Our resources, connections, gifts and talents are meant to be shared.

  The bible says in Deuteronomy 8:18,  that it is God who gives us the ability to create wealth.

  He has given us the vision of the Launch Collective and we will steward it

in His Love with integrity and gratitude. We are here to serve you and inspire you!

As a Kingdom business we provide an opportunity for everyone to create additional wealth

through our affiliate program. The Launch Collective truly is just that, a collective opportunity to rise together.

  With more money we can do more good in the world.


At every EXPO and Event we support a National and International organization

that is making an impact for the Kingdom of God!

We want to help bring awareness to the amazing work they are doing

to transform lives and break the spirit of lack and poverty

from the earth. We provide everyone an opportunity to sow into good ground!

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Combined LC Lines.png
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I’m a paragraph. Double click

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Where new ideas and businesses grow!

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