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Professional Encourager:







Laurean is passionate about helping individuals discover and 

 unlock the foundational keys to creating a business and life

that is more than they had ever imagined.


  God has given her the ability to help call out the seeds of greatness in others and to encourage them

to get out of the boat and step upon the water.

When people are creating businesses and working from

their place of passion, they already are a success!

You will never fail if you are willing to share the gifts and talents

that God placed inside of you. Share your cookies!” ~Laurean


Combined LC Lines.png
Combined LC Lines.png

Seeking   Encouragement?   We can help!

  Launch Collective Consulting works in collaboration   

with a team of experts. 

Together  We    LAUNCH  Beyond  The   Impossible!

"Nothing in life is ever successful without the corporate effort of many gifted people who were willing to network and submit their talent, experience, and passion for a common goal.  I am always reminded that we are the sum total of all the people we have known, met, and learned from." 

Myles Monroe


Combined LC Lines.png
Combined LC Lines.png


1 on 1 meeting 


dream it up big!

  • 2 hour strategy session

  • define your vision, dream & assignment

  • spark ideas and get clarity

  • create action steps to move forward

  • crafted prayer for your business 


3 months


grow your vision!

  • includes Dream strategy session

  • weekly 30 min focus & accountability call

  • online My Intentional life Workshop

  • 90 day intentional life mapping

  • Enouragement & Accountability


6 months


Launch Your Dream!

  • Includes Dream strategy session & Intentional life Workshop

  • take your business from concept to Launch 

  • logo & website design starter package

  • marketing, messaging & branding 

  • strategies to stay focused & unblocked

  •  1 year in THE COLLECTIVE

  • 1 year listing  on The Marketplace 




Thrive on Earth!

  • ​6 month Intensive with Unlimited 15 min Strategy Calls 

  • Discover the keys to not only survive but thrive as a Kingdom Entrepreneur!

  • Rediscover your purpose as an entrepreneur

  • Learn to walk in your Identity as a Wealth Creator

  • Accelerate and expand your business & more! 

Combined LC Lines.png


Combined LC Lines.png

Coming Soon! 



As a Kingdom minded company one of our core tenants is to see our members and fans of the Launch Collective have an opportunity to create a stream of revenue by simply referring  other Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Corporations and Individuals  who they know have a passion to grow as Wealth Creators™ ​.

We believe that God has placed business ideas inside of us so that  we can grow wealth and help transform not only our own lives but  also the customers and communities that we each serve, and  beyond!  With more money we can do more good in the world for  the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!


 We want to help you grow your capacity to give more!  

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